Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'll Show You Mine

I am excited to use this space to share my latest writing project:

I'll Show You Mine
People Talk Candidly About Love, Sex, and Intimacy
Since mid-January 2010, I have been conducting interviews with everyday people as they share their stories and talk candidly about their love lives, past and current relationships, sexual experiences, and views on intimacy.

We enjoy peeking into other people’s lives. My upcoming book captures candid interviews with people about dating, relationships, sex, and love. We are intrigued by these topics, because they tend to be the most interesting, entertaining, and revealing.

The imperative and immutable desire for intimacy universally unites us all. What is the current state of intimacy? How do people define intimacy and what does it mean to them? By examining our love lives and sharing experiences, we can learn a lot about ourselves during those intimate moments when we are at our most vulnerable.

There is value in understanding each other’s perspectives that can assist us with shaping our own viewpoints and might help us erase any stereotypes or misconceptions we might have about each other and how we choose to live. It can also help us grow.

The tradition of oral history lends itself to this project. What Studs Terkel did for “work” in Working, this book intends to accomplish with “intimacy.”

If you are someone who thinks you might like to participate in this project, please email me. OR, if you think of anyone else that might be interested (or interesting), please encourage them to email me.

My email address is greg.gerding@gmail.com.